Rio Rancho Root Canal

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At Cabezon Dental, we aim to provide stress-free solutions for all your dental healthcare needs, including your Rio Rancho root canal. Root canal therapy is a highly effective method for treating a severely compromised tooth and preserving it in the dental arch. Our caring professional team will keep you informed and relaxed throughout your root canal procedure, making your dental visit comfortable and stress-free.

Underneath the outermost biting surface of each tooth is a layer of core tissues, blood vessels and nerves, which comprise the dental pulp. When a tooth has deep decay or has been compromised due to injury, bacteria can enter and infect the dental pulp, which causes irreversible damage to the tooth’s nerve supply. You may experience the symptoms of a toothache, which can include sensitivity to hot and cold, pain when biting down or a persistent discomfort. If you have any type of oral pain, be sure to call our office right away; we’ll get you in for an emergency examination to diagnose the cause of your symptoms, resolve the underlying issue and provide much needed relief. Our team delivers the most precise and gentle care, and strives to mitigate any worry or apprehension you may experience. Root canal treatment has a high rate of success and a tooth that has been treated with a root canal can remain healthy throughout your life. Following your root canal, our dentist may recommend placing a dental crown to strengthen and protect your tooth and to improve its function and appearance.

When you need a Rio Rancho root canal, it is important to find a compassionate team of professionals who   prioritizes you comfort. At Cabezon Dental, we personalize treatment to better accommodate your individual needs. To learn more about root canal therapy treatment or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today.

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