Where can I find a Rio Rancho Dentist?

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While cavities are a widespread oral health problem, affecting both children and adults, periodic preventive visits with our Rio Rancho dentist can help to protect your smile from dental disease. At Cabezon Dental, we place an emphasis on preventive care and early detection to stop the onset and progress of tooth decay. Our office utilizes the most advanced technology and methods to help you maintain a healthy, beautiful smile.

Tooth decay is caused by plaque, a sticky biofilm, which continuously accumulates in your mouth, harboring harmful bacteria that feed on sugar. These bacteria in plaque produce acids, which can eat away at tooth enamel, causing cavities to form. Simply by brushing, flossing, limiting your intake of sugar and visiting our Rio Rancho dentist for professional teeth cleanings, you can help protect your teeth against the effects of plaque bacteria. Children are especially prone to tooth decay due to diets high in sugar and inconsistent oral hygiene. In fact, studies show that 50% of children ages 2-11 have had a cavity, with that number increasing to 78% among 17 year olds.  As an added level of protection against tooth decay for our pediatric patients, we provide dental sealants and periodic fluoride treatments. For patients of all ages, every checkup visit includes a comprehensive examination of your teeth, gums and their supporting bone structure, to diagnose cavities as well as other dental issues from their outset, when they’re easiest to treat. If our dentist finds a cavity, we will gently and precisely remove the decay, then restore your tooth with a dental filling. Our office utilizes the latest generation of cosmetically pleasing tooth colored restorative materials, which blend seamlessly with your smile, for the most natural look results.

At Cabezon Dental, we provide personalized, leading-edge preventive care to protect your family’s teeth against tooth decay. Our Rio Rancho dentist makes sure you and your loved ones feel at ease throughout every visit. To schedule an appointment, call today.

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